Life in the Slow Lane

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

It's Baaaack!

I am under the dark cloud of depression once again. To be honest, I've been trying to dodge it for months now. But despite therapy lights, antidepressants, being around loved ones, etc., I can't escape the fact that it is in full mode once again.

It's "better" than last time in 2008/2009 when I was alone and working at a job I was fully stressed out by, but it's still a very difficult struggle. Writing about it helps as long as I'm engaged in the act.  But I can't write about it all the time.

I know moving would help, but it's hard to move here or at home.  Here it's not as cold, but it's urban and no sidewalks (yes, no sidewalks - long story) and I am scared to walk alone on roads due to possibly being run over or mugged (or worse).  And it is up and down hill - hey, I have enough trouble walking on the flat prairie!  At home it's too cold for me to walk right now unless you gear up for an arctic expedition.  And even then you might end up flat on your back due to slippery conditions.  No thanks.

I'm going to try and do some yoga if I can get myself enthused enough (satire intended...but I *will* try.)

Monday, January 25, 2016

Northern Man

Bill is an amazing naturalist photographer

I met Bill in December 2009 through

He called himself "Northern Man" there.  A very apt monicker.  I later found out he has had a life-long love of the outdoors and solitude. Growing up, many days and weeks were spent outside with the birds, animals, and plants of northeast Minnesota he loved so very much.

Later, while serving in the US Air Force in Alaska, he was able to explore the arctic tundra, hunting large elk, caribou, and bear.  The rack of such an animal graces one of flower beds even now here at Prairie Home farm...

Friday, October 23, 2015

Night Owl

I had a sleep study, and they told me the same thing. I have always been intensely curious about life in general, and love experiencing new things, exploring different lifestyles, learning new things. I always have felt sleep cheats me out of good learning or having fun hours. My body eventually betrays me and I must sleep, of course...but not before I give it a good fight.

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Some of my very best memories were made alone. Exploring the woods and pastures of my childhood home as a little girl, riding my horse across the countryside of northwest Kittson County, Minnesota, many walks through parks and woods and hills in Minnesota, North Dakota, California, Colorado, New Mexico, and Manitoba noticing small aspects of my surroundings and glorying in them on the many beautiful sunny days, rainy days, blizzards, desert hot, cave darkness, dark of night, dessert skies so inky black with stars so bright it hurt the eye to look at them...oh yes, do many amazing memories because...I was alone.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Thiefin' Varmints!

Bill went out to get root veggies from the garden today (yes, ours are STILL in the ground this late...) and found out *someone* has been very busy since the last time we checked - A fellow like this one has absconded with all of our carrots!!

I am all for being kind to animals, but I think the gophers would have gotten along fine this winter without our carrots. Oh well - whadda do?!

Not only do we have wiley gophers avoiding traps and absconding with our carrot crop, but now we have mice wandering the house at will. We have caught about 5 so far, but this 6th fellow (of how many more, is unknown), was too smart - he came up, sniffed, and then left.

I must admit, I kinda like that he knew better.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Knock! Knock!

Depression is knocking at the door.  I'm fighting it tooth and nail.

A friend posted a link to this tonight.  I related to all of them.  I told her it was like getting a big hug from her.  She said to keep hanging on right along with her.  Winter is coming...

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Beekeeper Apprentice

I love the 'Caution' sign...
This year, I only observed Bill while he did his beekeeping. Even only doing that, I did learn a few things. But I admit you don't truly learn until you DO. I am hoping to do just that next year. As a life-long fan of Doctor Who, I have become very inspired by this T.A.R.D.I.S.-inspired hive I saw online.

I'll be leaving soon to visit my daughter. When I come back, I intend to buy hive body kits and build a complete hive top to bottom. In spring, I'll paint it like this one. The weight on top will be in the shape of the T.A.R.D.I.S. light - I'll paint it in iridescent paint so it glows at night!