Life in the Slow Lane

Monday, January 3, 2011

First Territorial Librarian

I recently found out that a pioneer from my hometown area was the first territorial librarian in Minnesota.

"The state law library was organized by an act of the legislative council of 1851. The purpose of that act was to create a library for the collection and preservation of all books, papers, maps, charts, engravings, paintings, and other things of whatsoever nature, properly belonging to a library, but the granting of state aid to the Historical Society in 1864 rendered much of this superfluous." -  From The Legislative Manual of the State of Minnesota for 1901

Now granted, this was a state library, specifically geared to the legal profession, but it was still an early library.  And the librarian was none other than Charles Cavileer! That man sure got around.

As a novice librarian myself, I am rather pleased to know that a hometown area pioneer was the first librarian of the territory...

When the library was established, Minnesota Territory not only included
Pembina itself, but was in a county by that name (along with St. Vincent)