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Monday, January 3, 2011

First Territorial Librarian

I recently found out that a pioneer from my hometown area was the first territorial librarian in Minnesota.

"The state law library was organized by an act of the legislative council of 1851. The purpose of that act was to create a library for the collection and preservation of all books, papers, maps, charts, engravings, paintings, and other things of whatsoever nature, properly belonging to a library, but the granting of state aid to the Historical Society in 1864 rendered much of this superfluous." -  From The Legislative Manual of the State of Minnesota for 1901

Now granted, this was a state library, specifically geared to the legal profession, but it was still an early library.  And the librarian was none other than Charles Cavileer! That man sure got around.

As a novice librarian myself, I am rather pleased to know that a hometown area pioneer was the first librarian of the territory...

When the library was established, Minnesota Territory not only included
Pembina itself, but was in a county by that name (along with St. Vincent)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kiss Amongst the Stacks...

Bill recently stopped by the library when in Warren on business.

I told him as he perused the DVD collection to come closer.

"I want to kiss you in the stacks," I said quietly, looking into his blue eyes.

He smiled as I stepped into his arms, and we softly kissed.

I smiled back at him when I pulled away, walking him back towards the door. Patrons nearby were typing away at the public computers as I returned to the circulation desk.  We said our goodbyes as we each went back to our jobs.

I definitely like surprise visits at work.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Family Patron

Short Cousins finally meet!

Today at work I had a pleasant surprise.  Late in the morning a patron walked in, began chatting with my co-worker Dawn, and then was introduced to me, oh yes this is your cousin Linda Short.

We smiled at one another, but she had some work she had to take care of on the library computer first before we could talk.

Once she was done, we greeted one another again and made a promise that when she was out from under her current workload - hopefully next week - we'll get in touch.  She said she remembers my Dad, visiting up at Noyes, and taking a train from there southwards...I asked her if she was interested in family history and she said she sure was, so I'm really looking forward to brainstorming on it with her.

Monday, July 26, 2010

First Days on the Job

My new job at the library has been going well. I am working with the other librarian Dawn, who has a lot of experience in working in libraries in general, and in the Godel (Warren) Library in particular, so I really appreciate her mentoring me as I learn the ropes. She's been great about showing me this that and the other, and when we have a few moments here and there, it's been fun visiting with her and getting to know her. As she says, we have a lot of life experience in common, so that makes things very comfortable. She's been giving me additional tips about the patrons that I appreciate, also.

On Wednesday, I went with a regional employee on a whirlwind tour of several (not all - not enough time) of the Northwest Regional Library system's branch libraries. We visited Hallock (my home county's library), Roseau, and Warroad. All three have been remodeled or built new within the last few years and are beautiful examples of what a library can be, both big and small. Hallock is more the size of what Warren is; I was looking closely at all of them for ideas because one of the first issues I've encountered in my new job is the fact that they are at the very beginnings of brainstorming for ideas on how to fund a remodel/build a new library for Warren. It's an exciting time to be coming into a new job, with positive changes and challenges like that before us!

Right now, I'm still learning a LOT of basics. But I also know that, for instance, I'll be handling senior citizen library programs such as visiting area facilities and refreshing books we provide for reading. I also suggested a story program where I would read to elderly patrons onsite. It was suggested I handle adult programming at the library itself since I feel more comfortable relating to older patrons while Dawn has experience with and has good rapport with kids, so she will handle children's programming as well as liasoning with daycares.

I think this will be a truly fulfilling job.  It feels like a great fit for me, and I'm excited about the possibilities!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Job Interview to the Past

This morning I had a job interview for the librarian position at the Warren, MN library. I am excited about the opportunity to do a job I've always dreamed of but never though I'd have a chance to do. [More about that later1...]

Warren is the town where my father was born in 1919. Ironically, I had never been there until now, six years after his death. I got to town early so walked around the downtown for a half hour. I stumbled across a business with the name Fillipi Financial. Fillipi was a name often mentioned by Dad when recounting memories of his growing up. His parents' farm was near a farm owned by one of the Fillipi's. I stopped in and found out that the owner and his wife, both knew Dad's cousin (not uncle as I had mistakenly called him) Ray Short (son of Dad's uncle Gurney, Grandpa Short's oldest brother) - the same Ray Short that the man from Carpenter's Corner said he knew. I keep getting reminded that the world is indeed very small sometimes.

After my interview, I decided to mosey around town. I drove all over, especially curious about a curved road over the Snake River. I followed it to the edge of town, where I found something I couldn't resist - a deserted bowling alley. I pulled up, parked, got out, and decided to explore.

Going in, I immediately noticed a huge machine that appeared to have been used to strip the floors down to the cement. The building was now just a shell, but it was evident it could be reclaimed if someone wanted to. Hard to say whether they were stripping to tear down, or stripping to rebuild. But the results were sobering and poignant at the same time. I recognized the naked return lanes of the establishment, imagining them in their former glory shouldered by inlaid wooden lanes. My mind's eye could almost hear the clatter of the balls hitting the lanes, and knocking down the pins.

The only artifacts I found was one lone bench, pushed against a wall that still showed the faint outline of a wall mural of cactus plants, and a very burned but still recognizable bowling bag. It was apparent, after I had taken in all the signs, that this building had experienced a serious fire, the probable cause of its current situation. But despite the bad luck, there was still a lot of possibilities to this building. In a way, I hope someone has the moxy to try and bring Cactus Lanes back from the dead. Time will tell...

1 - Shortly after I got home, I got a call and was offered the job - I am now a novice Librarian!